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Are you a grinder that has dreamed of that perfectly, aligned smile but didn’t know how to “make sure you didn’t grind the teeth short again?”

Transitional bonding is a cost-effective esthetic and functional crutch for individuals that wish to correct occlusal issues and test drive the longevity of their proposed anterior restorations. This is especially important if they come with a history of self-proclaimed heavy bruxing/grinding and wish to see if the proposed restorations are harmonious within the envelope of function. Anything in the way normally suffers to one degree or another: fractured teeth, excessive tooth mobility, abnormal tooth wear. This case is a 2 year transitional bonding case from 13-23 with an OVD increase designed with the #KoisDeprogrammer. The patient had severe TMJ pain, and finding a new, harmonious occlusal position from which to function resolved this and her “need to clench and grind” significantly.

This case shows minor enamel/composite infractions on 12BI, but besides that, the length, position and inclination of the teeth are in harmony with her CRO and can be safely transitioned to bonded porcelain crowns whenever they start to fail. A good way to start with the end in mind and increase the predictability of your final result.

GC G-Aenial Anterior shades AO2, AE and Essentia OM (Opalescent Modifier) were used for this guided case.

Clarrie x

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