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Trauma case to a lovely 11 year old male.

1) Severely advanced complicated enamel-dentin coronal fracture with minimal ferrule #8 (Pulpectomy decided on by endodontist and Stage 1 completed). No apical rarefying osteitis.
2) Advanced complicated enamel-dentin coronal fracture tooth #9. No apical rarefying osteitis – Cvek pulpotomy completed by endodontist.
Treatment today only focused on #8:
1) Stage 2 and 3 RCT complete (Sybron Elements Free warm vertical obturation)
2) Double 0.8mm glass fiber posts (Unicore, Ultradent, UT) placed in the ovoid canal and bonded with G-Premio + DCA and Clearfil DC Core Plus Dentin Shade.
3) Post and core unit modified to accomodate a “hollowed out” partial incisal fragment of tooth #8.
4) Bonded in place as per #2
5) Supplemental layering using AO1 and A1 shades from the GC Prototype composite system.
6) Finished and polished with 3M Soflex series and Clinicians Choice A.S.A.P. spirals.
T.B.C. tomorrow on #9.
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