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Hi Tea(m),

It is amazing how when we push the limits of clinical possibility by being conservative, sometimes we can set the case up without treating teeth that once were considered a “must” for minimal preparation veneers.  This nice 16 year old man suffered dental trauma from actually being “run over” by a vehicle.  His tooth #10 suffered a near-complicated enamel-dentin fracture and concussion injury.  The treatment plan involved fabrication of custom cervical seal bleaching trays with the overnight use of 10% carbamide peroxide for a 3 week period in an effort to lift stain.  One can see from these photographs that was very successful, albeit with a hint of chroma still residual in the incisal 1/3rd of 8 and 9.  Resin infiltration was planned from the outset, however the patient now likes how the teeth look and wishes me to incorporate its character into the restoration planned for next visit.
Stay tuned (and have an amazing afternoon).
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