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(Afternoon tea pics 1700.2: Kerr Dental Simplishade | XL2 Herculite Ultra | GC Ever-X Flow | Garrison Firm Band Garrison Dental Solutions – North America | Ultradent Products, Inc. Omnimatrix)

Completing a distal free end Class II restoration is difficult at the best of times due to access, but often a matrix-in-matrix setup can help you get “closer” to the ideal contour whilst saving you precious time.

This multistratified restoration consisted of:

^CRE and PSZ
^Micro air abrasion (29 micron aluminum oxide) #Aquacare
^Total etch adhesive using Optibond Solo Plus
^DWT and the use of microlayers (0.25mm) Majesty flowable during this time
^Substrate opacification/value neutralization using Kerr XL2 Herculite Ultra flowable microlayers
^SFRC body replacement using Ever-X Dentin flow #GCAmerica
^Lobe-by-lobe layering using Simplishade Dark.
^Fissure tinting using Brown from #VocoFinalTouch