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The practice has recently acquired the revolutionary Velscope VX from the US for routine examination screening and detection of oral cancer and pre-cancer lesions. This device is particularly sensitive for the early detection of mucosal changes and abnormalities, and allows video or still image capture for records and specialist communication.

Prevalence: 640,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer worldwide each year.
In North America, oral and pharyngeal cancer will claim one person each hour of each day.

Velscope VX works through the principle of tissue fluorescence, which allows visualization of cellular, structural and/or metabolic changes in the oral mucosal tissues. Specifically, our goal is to increase detection of: oral trauma/disease, viral, bacterial and fungal infections, inflammation from various sources, including lichen planus, other lichenoid reactions, epithelial dysplasias, cancers-in-situ as well as squamous papillomas and salivary gland tumors.

See you for your screening as part of our standard comprehensive examination soon!

Happy December!