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The skateboarder known as Levi “Nek Minnit” Hawken (permission gained) in New Zealand presented to my service for replacement of failing composite resin restorations on multiple teeth. He exhibited the classic oral signs of ectodermal dysplasia, essentially a hereditary condition affecting organs derived from human ectoderm, namely hair follicles, nails, sweat glands, salivary glands and teeth. The resulting oligodontia and peg-shaped teeth are quite confidence-disabling and results in continual alveolar ridge atrophy throughout life unless restorative intervention in the form of implants are placed to microstimulate the bone and maintain bone volume and height. Typically there is a high incidence of xerostomia and significantly heightened caries risk. A multi-disciplinary approach is best when completing full mouth rehabilitation. The patient in this case desired not to change his highly-recognizable appearance, but rather desired replacement of existing composite resin restorations until a more definitive dual-arch solution is sought.

I had the privilege of conservatively redefining this now world-famous New Zealand smile with Voco Grandio SO A2, Amaris O2, HT, TN.

Nek Minnit,