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Top of the Morning,

For those of you who got drenched getting to work, I feel for you. This case should hopefully make you feel better and fired up for the day. This was a replacement of an amalgam restoration as per the patient’s wishes – there were no radiographic signs of recurrent caries, but tenderness to biting pressure on this tooth. Removal of the amalgam was standard, and the restoration selectively etched using G-Premio Bond (GC) before using Flo-X A2 (the low viscosity flowable composite that I prefer to use to line the base of preparations) (GC). The proximal wall was perfectly contoured using a hermetically-sealed Garrison Composi-tight 3D XR matrix system used with Slick Bands. The restoration was layered using GC Essentia U (a 50:50 ratio of A2 and A3), which has just an outstanding chameleon effect.

Have a great rest of your Monday.

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