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Happy Monday!
Removal of tooth structure is always kept to a minimal at our practice when dealing with cavities between the teeth. We complete safe amalgam mercury filling removal under rubber dam and high volume air evacuation of the area to minimize our patients’ risk. The case below demonstrates the restoration of a medium sized cavity in a tooth which started from lack of flossing

It’s rainy, but the perfect day for a little simple slot machine action indoors – tooth edition. Simple slot prep to remove dentin caries, light cavosurface margin bevel, Triodent V3 system, single shade A2 #Cosmedent #Renamel_Nano_Plus restoration with no staining and natural fissure detail. Banging it out. This material makes it disappear.

#WhiteFillingsCanBeInvisible #RenamelizeThisRenamelizeThat #SimpleSlots #AACD #Accredited #ResponsibleEsthetics