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Ever wish you could get rid of the dark coffee and tea stains on your teeth without so much discomfort?

We had the opportunity to check out the Powder Polish the Tam Dental Group hygiene department is doing with the EMS Air-Flow air prophylaxis machine for patients with heavy dietary staining! Look at what it does with stains – blows them away without harming cement, enamel or restorative material! Incredible! The Plus Powder features both supragingival and subgingival cleaning modes as it contains erythritol and extra-fine grain sizes to respect soft tissue and leave your patient with stain-free bliss! This is a much safer way of removing stain relative to using heavy grit prophy pastes, ultrasonic scalers and of course that bicep-powered 4R/4L scaler.

Book in with our superb hygienists, Marnie and Jurka (Jurka is booking into late January, 2018 now)!

Don’t worry about that fractured veneer, we got working on that today after the air polish!

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