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Had a dentist come in today requesting a direct restoration on #18/3.7DO with a “just” supracrestal cavosurface margin (i.e. 1.3mm).  After the preparation, it was impossible to fit the Omnimatrix down on the clamped tooth despite trying to release the tines, seat the matrix as apically as possible before reopposing the tines of the clamp.  Ultimately the distal marginal ridge was completed without a rubber dam before resecuring a new dam, re-etching and rebonding before layering to completion.  This tooth really does need a indirect bonded onlay to protect residual tooth structure.

Bonding system: Ultradent Peak Universal Bond
Restorative: Kulzer Venus Pearl B2
Dam: Ultradent Dermadam
Matrix: Ultradent Omnimatrix
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