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(Afternoon tea pics 718.9: Kulzer Venus Pearl A3 / Flowable A2.5 | iBond Universal)

Happy Friday All!

Geriatric dentistry is where it’s at. Root caries is a totally different virulence of caries with a more proteolytic behavior. In areas where access and isolation is possible, bonding with an MDP-based bond (in this case iBond Universal was used (contains 4-MET and MDP) will ensure sustained bond strengths and resistance to acid dissolution due to its nanolayering with Ca2+. The chameleon effect is not bad either of Venus Pearl A3 – slightly more opaque and ultra-sculptable. In this 81 year old, an A3.5 shade would have been more suitable.

Have a fantastic weekend. See you at the SilverWave Symposium tomorrow.


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