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(Afternoon tea pics 717.8: Kulzer Venus Pearl | GC Essentia Masking Liner | Kerr Herculite Ultra Flow XL2 | Optibond Solo Plus | Sanctuary Dams | Garrison Compositight 3D Fusion)

Happy Humps,

The dark staining underneath amalgams can often be blocked out using a combination of flowable opaquers such as GC Essentia’s Masking Liner or even XL2 (Kerr Herculite Ultra flowable) in multiple small increments. Remember that often each of the layers requires 40 seconds of curing time to fully penetrate the thin layer, especially if a matrix set-up is in place and your light proximity further than ideal. This restoration was reconstructed utilizing Garrison’s Compositight 3D Fusion system (blue wedges) and with a single shade of A2.5 Kulzer Venus Pearl.

Tints: Voco Final Touch Brown

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