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(Afternoon tea pics 1164.5: GC G-Cem Veneer Cement)
Porcelain fractures of a 20 year old bridge defintely deserve a second chance if the fragment can be located. Fragment cemented using GC’s new G-Cem Veneer Cement in shade A2.
1) micro air abrasion (27 micron aluminum oxide)
2) Hydrofluoric acid (5%) for 1 minute on intaglio surface slightly overlapping margins
3) Silane coupling agent (G-MultiPrimer): MDP, MDTP, silane
4) G-Premio Bond
5) Air Thin, don’t cure. Steps 2-5 on both fragment and tooth. Step 1 only on tooth as fragment very thin and at risk of further chipping.
6) cement as per usual.
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