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(Afternoon tea pics 1083.4: GC G-Aenial Universal Injectable | GC G-Aenial Posterior)
Transitional bonding is a technique that not only can set the patient up functionally, it can also protect residual tooth structure. In this case we have been working on over the past two days, all the teeth have been treated except for 6-11 (1.3 to 2.3) in these views. The patient was deprogrammed to find a new CRO and this position captured, the esthetics fine tuned using Digital Smile Design before a full functional wax-up was completed.
Look at the damage induced-acid habits can have on tooth structure – the “composite veneers” completed from 5-12 are the only things “left standing” after about 5 years of service. Incredible
Transitional bonding can be delivered via different modalities – personally, I do not like the “every other tooth” scenario, as Teflon inevitably always gets caught everywhere and it is a nightmare. I prefer:
1) Stamp technique over injectable (more control especially in areas where you hope the injectable will intimately adapt without trapping voids, better hydrostatic pressure to force material into areas deficient. Basically I get a better “fill” to full volume with this technique. I used G-Aenial Universal Injectable to “line” G-Aenial Posterior A2 in the clear stent (Exaclear) before seating intraorally.
2) The injectable tip is actually large and destroys quite a bit of occlusal anatomy. I prefer the stamp technique also for this reason.
3) I prefer completing the quadrant as a whole (no “every other tooth” scenario) and separating teeth afterwards. I have saved many a fingernail this way. The occlusal embrasures and buccal embrasures are scored using a diamond disc before the tooth contacts are popped using an unloved flat plastic and serrated strips guided down. All this is after finishing margins and interproximally. I sometimes place a small PTFE ball in the cervical embrasures, but make sure this ball is really small, or it may affect/get in the way of desired line angle changes with additive composite.
Up next: 6-11 with Essentia.
Restorative matrix: Exaclear
Bonding System: Total etching bonding protocol: G-Premio Bond
Restorative System: G-Aenial Universal Injectable and G-Aenial Posterior
Tints: Essentia Modifiers
Rubber dam: Isodam
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