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Hello all,

You know your Tuesday is going to be a doozy when this calls and walks in through the door. Virgin tooth snapped off (uncomplicated enamel-dentin fracture: MIDBL tooth 11) when the patient was removing her Invisalign aligner and she is understandably frenetic. MIDBL fragment intact on the DIBL aspect but missing a section on the MIBL aspect. Shade selection pre-operatively: Kerr Harmonize A1E, A2D. Caries detector used to ensure a hard dentin base before micro air abrasion (27 micron aluminum oxide) on both fragment and preparation/fractured tooth with isolation using a serrated metal strip. Selective etch technique using G-Premio Bond + DCA (dual cure activator) on both tooth and fragment left uncured before luting the two together using G-Cem Linkforce. Reverse layering completed (facial to palatal) as defect more significant on palatal aspect using A1E and A2D in a histoanatomical fashion.

Definite dehydration, but here’s to hoping the fragment rehydrates into esthetic invisibility in a few days’ time. Fit like a glove in the Invisalign aligner *phew*.


Clarrie x

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