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We are excited to announce the arrival of Laurie Ujfalussy at our practice in Newmarket. Laurie has extensive advanced periodontal therapy experience amassed over 25 years at general and specialist periodontal practices alike. She has an extremely high success rate and is one of the most experienced clinicians in New Zealand for perioscopy. Perioscopy is a non-surgical alternative to the visual and tactile treatment of deep gum pockets that are resistant to healing. Using a tiny fiber optic camera, Laurie maneuvers the endoscope down into the area of concern with one hand. With the other hand, she uses an ultra-fine tipped scaler that is often pre-bent to reach any areas that are identified on the screen. Foot pedals control the various functions of the device. It is essentially, four-limbed periodontal therapy that allows patients a more comfortable, less invasive option relative to open flap gum surgery. Although this technology is cutting edge, Laurie has been practicing perioscopy for over a decade and is a welcome addition to our team.

Laurie is extremely involved with continuing professional development and education. She completed her advanced perioscopy training in Santa Monica, California in 2010. She also attends the American Academy of Periodontology meetings as continuing education. She has a passion for teaching both professional hygienists and dentists alike with her extensive experience particularly in advanced cases recalcitrant to healing. With a gentle touch, she is a magician that allows our patients to reach optimal oral health with minimal invasiveness. This aligns with our philosophy to provide top notch, minimally invasive patient care, and is what makes our practice one of the top dental practices in the country.