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#newtechniques for minimally invasive Gold indirects.

This dentist had a long-standing gold inlay that subsequently fractured off his lingual cusps on tooth #30. He was insistent on a gold onlay that did not compromise the buccal cusps at all, much less use them for resistance form, so that posed a bit of a problem.

Substrate Optimization
* Micro particle abrasion (29 micron aluminum oxide): #Aquacare 30-40psi
* Total etch technique
* 2% CHX (aq) for 30 seconds
* Peak Universal Bond #UltradentProducts
* Microlayering using Majesty Flow #KurarayNoritake #ClearfilMajesty
* Grandio SO #Voco

Mechanical resistance form development
* Central well
* M and D locks that prevent lingual displacement

Note that the retention of this will hinge exclusively on the footprint and hybridization of the dentin.